Dear Athletes:

The past year has been very difficult for all of us. Because of the disruption caused by COVID-19 and the interruption of the competition calendar the DanceSport Council has modified the qualification requirements for USA Dance’s 2021 and 2022 National Championships.

Qualification for the 2021 National Championships

Under the prior requirement anyone who had attended an NQE in prep for April 2020 Nationals, would qualify for the next Nationals. There are few additional NQEs prior to 2021 Nationals (there was only one for those dancing Junior 2 or Youth Prechamp and Championship), creating a hardship for some dancers wanting to attend Nationals. It would better serve our dancers to allow ANY COUPLES who are registered USA DanceSport athletes may compete at the 2021 National Championship events without prior qualification at an NQE.

Qualification for the 2022 National Championships

Rule requires a couple to have competed in a minimum of one USA Dance National Qualifying Event competition since the end of the last USA Dance Nationals. Given that 2021 Nationals is delayed until late in the year and 2022 Nationals is expected to return to the early part of 2022, the requirement is not practical. Therefore, the proposed alternative is that a couple may qualify for the 2022 National Championships by attending any NQE in 2021 or 2022 leading up to the 2022 Nationals.

(See the Dancesport Calendar for upcoming NQEs)